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The Big Debate: Best WNBA Player of All Time?

I am excited to see this years WNBA season because of the crazy lineups who will be on the court! For example, the Pheonix Murcury lineup: Brittney Griner, DeWanna Bonner, Diana Taurasi, Leilani Mitchell, Briann January, and Yvonne Turner. Watch out for this team and expect big things!

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Who is the best WNBA player of all time? It was a tough but good question! I watched this video and came to my decision.

In my opinion, the best WNBA player of all time is Diana Taurasi! I've had a unique experience of playing against her in a game and just playing pick-up. I've seen first hand how she can take over a game and no one on the court can stop her. I've always admired players who can take over. Her competitive spirit shows in every possession!